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Every Journey Begins With Step 1

Okay... I think this is how it works..

Welcome to my blog! I actually really do feel like a hacker blogging on jekyll off Github. It actually feels a lot more "raw" so to speak than blogging sites and gives me that sort of comfort I'm looking for when writing about my projects. This is my first time writing in Markdown, and I cannot beging ot tell you how amazing it is to write like this. For those that are just getting started (just like me), check this site out for some basic rules and syntax for Markdown. You'll really like it!

Current Thoughts

Anyway, at the moment of this post, I've currently been wandering into projects regarding the Raspberry Pi, and other DIY projects that I've been meaning to get my hands on. Here's a list of some stuff I've been currently working on and thinking about.

For the time being, I only have 1 Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Model. It really cost a lot to get started (total of $150 collectively to get parts and what not) thanks to the multiple micro SD cards I have for each project I'll be doing. Once I get things going I'm most likely going to be buying a second Pi so i can use one for emulation/media and the other for a basic server I'm going to be building.

Below you can see all the detailed thoughts of why I thought about making these projects in the first place.

All-in One Emulator

Before I bought the Pi, I really wanted to see what I could do with this credit card-sized device. An emulator was the very first one. With the ability to be able to emulate systems up to Playstation 1, this was more than enough to slowly convince me into getting one. Emulators and classic games filled up a majority of my childhood until League of Legends came out and a bunch of other games that are now online. These were the classic good ol' days if you catch my drift.

XBMC-Based Media Server

Another Interesting project that sold me. Since Android-Based media boxes are getting more and more popular, a lot of people are cutting their cable/TV Service. Why the change you may ask? More and more content is being placed on demand on streaming services such as: * Amazon Prime Video * Netflix * Hulu * Youtube * Probably a bunch more that aren't on the top of my head You get the point. There's a bunch. If there's so much stuff out there that I can watch when I feel like watching.. what's the point of having cable anymore? Exactly.

Linux-Based Personal/Web Server (Turnkey)

You might be asking, "What is Turnkey?". Well, Turnkey is a free debian based library of system images. In english, it's basically a Linux OS preloaded with a bunch of software that you can enable for your use. You can find more about it or check out the site here. As you may know from my about me (as of this point in time as I'm writing this), I've been an apprentice from my 7th grade year until now, 12th grade. I have a pretty good sense of hardware for th epast 5-6 years and I never really tried reaching over to the coding side of technology. Building a server would probbaly give me some inspiration to be able to code and also blog like I am now (and hopefully, this site will be huge enough to be able to present for job interviews and such). I've done server stuff before and such, which includes managing the server itself and hosting the website for my school Key Club. Anyway, here are some features I'm looking for in my server: * Webmin Interface * Database Management Tools * Apache * Torrent Queues * Personal Cloud * Network Attached Storage (NAS) * Accessible through the internet It's a lot to ask for, but this server is going to be the main reason why I buy the Raspberry Pi, and will also be an ongoing project since I'll be upgrading the parts and hopefully messing with acrylic to make a case for the server.

I guess that's it for now..

This has been a pretty nice post, although I rambled a lot. I'm just writing so I can document and never forget the projects that I'm going. Plus, it's a lot better to share to the world what I discover. Someone might learn a lot from it. I guess this is farewell for now!