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Purchasing the Raspberry Pi: Efficiency

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I Finally Decided :D

After a bunch of researching and endlessly looking at Raspberry Pi projects on instructables, I have finally decided to make a shopping cart for all my Raspberry Pi equipment. Here's a general list of the stuff that I got and why.

The Raspberry Pi 2: B Model

Raspberry Pi Model B
Raspberry Pi 2: Model B ($41.93)

They had a sale for $35.. but then add shipping and everything.. yeah... They bumped up the price by a little bit. However, the specs are really nice. Check it out! It was the newest one out there, and plus who wouldn't want the extra clock speed? * 900 MHz Quad-core ARM Cortez-A7 CPU (~6x performance) * 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x Memory) The 900 MHz is able to be overclocked to 1Ghz (1000MHz), and even up to 1.1GHz if I really wanted to push it. I'm going to be buying a sufficient amount of cooling/ventilation accessories as well as a couple nice micro SD cards.

Heatsinks and Ventilation

Since I'm overclocking, I wanted to overkill my ventilation. Since this is my first Raspberry Pi, I have no idea how much heat the chip gives off. So just to be safe, I bought mini heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi.

Addicore Heatsink Set
Addicore Heatsink Set ($5.05)

I also added in an acrylic case that I found with a fan on it. Since there's an opening through the GPIO port of the case, there's going to be a constant flow of air going into the case and out of it.

Quentacy Acrylic Case ($8.99)

Storage: Samsung for the win!

Samsung 32gb EVO Class 10 Micro SD Card ($16.29)

I'm just going to be blunt with this. This card is nice. Getting the PRO (or any card with a higher read speed than this) is kind of pointless. The Pi can only read so fast. There's a specific read speed on it that I forgot, but I looked into read speeds on the Pi from different brands of the same quality card. Samsung is dominant. If you don't believe me, take a look. Also, 32gb is usually cheap and the price just sky rockets once you hit into the 64gb range. I bought 3 of these, one for each project. Click here for SD card benchmarks.

Power Supply and Micro USB Cable

Nekmit 4.8A Dual Port Charger
Nekmit 4.8A Dual Port Charger ($10.99)

In case you haven't noticed, you can click on the pictures to open up the products. I got everything off of Amazon with a free trial of Amazon Prime (I really wanted everything before Spring break started). Anyway, I chose this item because I didn't want to settle for a 1A charger, but a 2.4A for each usb slot (totaling up to 4.8A). Now, I'll have an extra slot in case I want to buy another Pi for experimentation or to just charge my phone. The quality is really nice and comes in a really nice box that Samsung phones usually come in (for all those Samsung fan boys, you know what I'm talking about). Although it isn't as heavy as an iPad charger, it's definitely worth the cost at $10.99.

Hi-MobilER 10ft Micro USB Cable
Hi-Mobiler 10ft Micro USB Cable | USB 2.0 ($5.99)

First off, it's 10ft long. It'll give you the enough length of cable to wire around that huge setup of yours, especially mine. As of this point in time, I still haven't set up a page for pictures of my setup, but I will soon. If you're thinking about getting a cheaper micro USB cable, just make sure not to get the one that is braided to look like jumprope. The plastic they usually use to make those is really cheap and the jack is really loose. The gold plating from the micro USB is really durable. Plus, I've been having this cable for a while for my phone. It hasn't failed me yet, but the nylon brainded one has. However, the gold plated ones that are nylon braided by Hi-mobilier seem pretty durable since they're made from the same things. Just make sure the head is of high quality.

Display Cables (If Needed)

I usually have no preference for these, but I usually recommend the AmazonBasics one, just because it's from Amazon and it'll ship quick. They come in one wire instead of a bulky converter so it'll be a lot better to have. However, I couldn't find an HDMI to VGA that was from Amazon, but they still sell them as a single wire. I really don't have a strong recommendation for these cables, so might as well find something that will suit your needs. However, I really do reommend to just find a monitor with an HDMI port in it (make your life easier, digital audio). I'm going to be using my Pi a majority of the time as just a server, so there's going to be no need for an actual monitor all the time. The times I want to play emulators or watch media though...

AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI 3 Meter Cable ($7.99)

eForCity HDMI to VGA 1.8 Meter Cable ($6.99)

Now.. the wait.

Amazon Prime, you better ship the goods in 2 days... I'll write back again once I start those projects.